Italprogetti is located in the province of Pisa, the most important industrial tanning district in Tuscany, Italy.From its foundation the company has developed technologically advanced solutions for leather processing. The relevant experience gained in the sector allows the company to operate in similar sectors such as the field of oil filtration. The design and production of modern and advanced polypropylene drums have revolutionized activities and processes in these applications.
Italprogetti is a true Italian excellence that exports its products all over the world.


MEC GRU solution

Italprogetti expands its production capacity by building new warehouses for the production of ever-increasing size and weight drums, renewing the existing ones with new machines and equipments at the same time. The customer’s need refers in particular to the necessity to move and rotate with great precision and stability large drums during the assembly and production process. The lifting systems must have low headroom profiles.
The MEC GRU solution consists in the supply of many 10t and 20t capacity overhead cranes with a span larger than 22m assembled with standardized SWF crane kits equipped with a special +/- 360 ° swing-down trolley assembled with SWF heads and gearmotors with two fixed hoists for single and combined operation. This technical solution developed by the MEC GRU technical office makes it possible to move the large drums with efficiency and safety and reduce the overall dimensions of the bridge crane.
All bridge cranes are provided with Telecrane Italia radio control, weighing system, SWF Novamaster monitoring system.
MEC GRU realized the complete design, supply and assembly of all the supporting structures, as columns, runways for a truly turnkey supply, the whole project has been developed and was completed in about 6 months of activity, all the tests were carried out with full satisfaction of the client.


Lifting devices provided

  • Double girder bridge crane 5t – 22,8m span
  • Double girder bridge crane 20t (10t+10t) – 24,8m span
  • Double girder bridge crane 20t(10t+10t) – 24,8m span
  • Double girder bridge crane 20t(10t+10t) – 22,8m span
  • Double girder bridge crane 20t (10t+10t) – 22,8m span
  • Double girder bridge crane 10t (5t+5t) – 23,57m span
  • Double girder bridge crane 10t (5t+5t) – 28m span


The main plus

Turnkey design, supply and assembly of all the structures of carpentry and lifting systems, interaction between the MEC GRU and customers technical departments in each step of the job.
Supply of original SWF components for all the bridge cranes and also for the special components of lifting systems such as the 360° rotating carriages.
Silenct movement of SWF electro-mechanisms, heads and gearmotors, used for crane sliding.
Performance of the SWF NOVA hoists, SWF monitoring unit presence, particularly compact dimensions of the SWF components that optimize the use of the hook lift.


Some pictures

  • Customer: Italprogetti Spa
  • Location: San Romano (PI) Italy
  • Project year: 2017